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NIMFEIA consortium welcomes new partner

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) is joining the NIMFEIA consortium as part of the European Commission’s Hop-on facility. Building on their experience with the design and fabrication of magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs), the role of INL is the upscaling of magnon-based nano-reservoirs integrated into vortex-based MTJs via material, nanofabrication, device, and wafer-level optimization. The realization of high-quality reproducible MTJ-based reservoirs is a crucial step towards harnessing the nonlinear interactions of magnons for pattern recognition and time series prediction tasks.

device schematics
Device schematic of a magnetic tunnel junction standardized at INL. The field line excites magnetization dynamics inside the MTJ which is then read out via the top and bottom contacts. Source: INL

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