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Research for a Novel Physical Reservoir

– Nonlinear Magnons for Reservoir Computing in Reciprocal Space –
is a collaborative research project which is funded by the European Union and brings together seven partners from four European countries to explore the potential of magnetic excitations and spintronic devices for a novel physical reservoir.

NIMFEIA in numbers

7 partners
4 European countries
3 421 000 € contribution by the European Union
4 years project run time (October 2022 ➞ September 2026)

Our vision

NIMFEIA’s vision is to provide a novel hardware solution for physical reservoir computing using nanoscale magnetic elements combined with advanced spintronics technologies.

We base our approach on the disruptive idea of computing in reciprocal space, utilizing nonlinear interactions of quantized magnetic excitations.

These nonlinear interactions can be efficiently harnessed for reservoir computing tasks like pattern recognition and time series prediction with minimal pre-processing of input data.

By making use of the nonlinear interactions of different quantized magnetic excitations in individual spatially confined devices, such as a single magnetic disc, computing is done in reciprocal space without the need to transport information data in real space. 

Link to Partners


  • European Neuromorphic Research Day: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Innovation
    On May 15, 2024, the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) hosted the European Neuromorphic Research Day, a dynamic one-day event that brought together about 100 researchers in the neuromorphic computing field. This gathering successfully fostered rich discussions on the advancements and future directions of neuromorphic computing. The event’s primary focus was on how Europe can…
  • NIMFEIA sponsors the European Neuromorphic Research Day
    On May 15, 2024, our partner INL will host a one-day research event to bring together coordinators, participants and collaborators from various European projects and industry partners in the field of neuromorphic computing, including spintronics, electronics, photonics and other approaches. Representatives of ten ongoing European research projects on neuromorphic computing and two representatives of very…
  • Workshop on Neuromorphic Magnonics
    In April this year, our colleagues from the EU-project k-NET will organize a workshop to bring together scientists working in the field of neuromorphic magnonics, foster discussions and new ideas, and exchange knowledge with experts working on other neuromorphic approaches. The workshop will take place 24–26 January 2024 in the FIAP conference center in the heart…
  • Article published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
    On 15 October 2023, the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) published an article by Roland Wengenmayr on the NIMFEIA approach for magnon-based reservoir computing. In the article, the journalist emphasizes the need for more energy-efficient computing architectures to lower the CO2 footprint of today’s digitalization. The full article is available online on the newspaper’s…
  • NIMFEIA consortium meets in Paris
    Twelve months into the project, the annual meeting of the NIMFEIA consortium was hosted by the partner Université Paris-Saclay in the heart of Paris. On 25 September 2023, 25 participants from 6 partners came together to share the progress of their work and discuss the next steps along the way. On 26 September, the meeting…
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