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European Neuromorphic Research Day: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Innovation

Group photo at the European Neuromorphic Research Day at the INL in Braga, Portugal.

On May 15, 2024, the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) hosted the European Neuromorphic Research Day, a dynamic one-day event that brought together about 100 researchers in the neuromorphic computing field. This gathering successfully fostered rich discussions on the advancements and future directions of neuromorphic computing. The event’s primary focus was on how Europe can effectively ‘bridge the gap’ between scientifically sound technologies and their practical applications. This theme underscored the need for a collaborative approach to transforming cutting-edge research into innovative, real-world solutions.

Representatives from thirteen ongoing European research projects in neuromorphic computing attended and shared insights and updates on their latest findings. A lineup of esteemed speakers presented at the event, each bringing unique insights from their various scientific backgrounds into the neuromorphic computing landscape. Additionally, two representatives from leading companies that have successfully integrated neuromorphic computing into their technologies provided valuable industry perspectives. By merging presentations on technologies at various stages of maturity, the organizers aimed to identify common approaches and best practices for advancing neuromorphic technologies across Europe.

Attendees engaged in presentations and discussions that delved deep into the technological and practical aspects of neuromorphic research. By bringing together experts from different fields—such as spintronics, electronics, and photonics—the event aimed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, which is crucial for the advancement of neuromorphic computing. Discussions centered on the current tools available in neuromorphic computing and the future challenges that need to be addressed. The goal was to identify pathways to accelerate innovation and application of these technologies in various sectors.

NIMFEIA was proud to sponsor the European Neuromorphic Research Day. As a European project committed to advancing the frontiers of neuromorphic computing, we recognize the importance of such events in driving forward research and innovation. The event was a resounding success, providing a platform for insightful discussions, networking, and collaboration. It marked a significant step forward in bridging the gap between scientific discovery and practical application in the realm of neuromorphic computing.

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