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NIMFEIA sponsors the European Neuromorphic Research Day

On May 15, 2024, our partner INL will host a one-day research event to bring together coordinators, participants and collaborators from various European projects and industry partners in the field of neuromorphic computing, including spintronics, electronics, photonics and other approaches. Representatives of ten ongoing European research projects on neuromorphic computing and two representatives of very successful companies that apply neuromorphic computing in their technologies will be present.

The key motivation is to stimulate discussion on how Europe can ‘bridge the gap’ in neuromorphic computing going from scientifically sound technologies to innovation and new applications. The goal is to learn which tools are available today and which interesting neuromorphic challenges need to be solved by artificial neural networks and systems in the future.

Details on confirmed speakers and how to register can be found on the workshop website:

NIMFEIA is happy to sponsor such an exciting event!

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